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Virtual Health & Wellness Summits

As a Naturopathic physician, I utilize the principles of Naturopathic Medicine for example: Doctor is teacher educating on healthy lifestyles and disease prevention, incorporation of the healing powers of nature promoting the body's ability to heal itself, treating the cause of dis-ease and using individual treatment protocols for each patient.  As a clinician, I have worked with patients from chronic illness, pain management to health prevention providing natural therapies and treatments.  Throughout my years of clinical practice, I discovered there is a need for natural/alternative treatments in every aspect in one's physical, mental & emotional health.  As an advocate for health, my practice is primarily focused on helping patients establish and maintain healthy lifestyles.  My desire is to educate and partner with patients to be accountable for their own health.

During her tenure as a Naturopathic physician serving countless patients, her passion to help others lead to a greater desire to impact the daily lives of others by partnering with like-minded Health & Wellness experts to create a global virtual platform that will focus on awareness, education and solutions to a healthier lifestyle.  Hence, the virtual summit Healthier Holidays and Beyond was born.


Our mission is to create a Virtual Health & Wellness platform showcasing top experts to promote self-awareness, education and solutions on living a healthier lifestyle to individuals globally in the comfort of their home, office or on the go.


We seek to utilize a Virtual Health & Wellness platform to impact the lives of families globally.

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